About the author

Jody Romero is an advocate of self-awareness, compassion and mindfulness in a world where all humanity, nature and the universe are connected.  She loves the wonder of the world around her from the microscopic spirochete to vast ever expanding universe and the intricacies of the self.  She is currently married to her best friend of 10 years and has 4 children spanning 14 years.

Jody volunteers at Belmar Elementary School starting the Valiant Vikings Community Kindness Initiative, serving as Secretary on the PTA Board, and various volunteer projects.

Hiking in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is her favorite hobby, but she also enjoys studying science and human nature, language, learning piano, travel, spending time with her family.
Jody’s story “Dairyland” for Stories on Stage at the Jones Theatre in the Denver Center of Performing Arts and a story named “Touch of a Hand” published on line at Hand Prints on My Heart.