Media Reviews and Recommendations

The Living Hour

The Inspirational Living Podcast is a weekly pick me up for a happy life.
It provides meditations on various subjects to live life beautifully and artfully in about 15 minutes.Its calming music and voice promotes relaxation and calm.  Subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts or visit


Classical Stetch with Miranda Esmonde-White

No Pain, No Gain – NOT SO!  Miranda Esmonde-White is changing the fitness industry by bringing the latest science discoveries along with time tested fitness techniques to bring your body into its optimal performance.  Miranda’s positive energy, instruction and simple techniques take the pain out of your body and your workouts.  In just 22 minutes a day, your body will be activated and ready for top performance.  The Best part is her methods for stretching and strengthening the body feel amazing!!  I can literally feel my muscles releasing tension, toxins and inflammation as I perform her workouts.  It puts a bounce in my step and has removed intense arthritis pain and tightness in all of my joints.  This workout is for all ages, all fitness performance levels including professional athletes, with staggering results.  Try it for even two weeks and your body will change for the better.


You Are A Badass

Jen Sincero reads her own audio version of this book which I highly recommend as you can feel and hear her intensely authentic and real self kicking your butt into action.  I have read an embarrassingly number of self-help books, books on psychology, biology, philosophy, spirtuality, the past, but when I needed someone to get in my face and get it done, Jen did it beautifully…like getting this website launched already. She condenses research on spirituality, meditation, and psychology into an instantly usable form for all of us that need it right now.  Her best advice is repeated over and over again in each chapter to get in stuck in your head…Love yourself.


Pathways to Bliss, by Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell explores mythologies from around the world and thru the ages along with the early science of psychology to discover the commonalities of belief itself. Campbell shows the tremendous benefits these beliefs have on culture today as in the past, as well as, some of their destructive natures.  Pathways to Bliss encourages the seeker to follow the way of the heart to fulfilling happiness by way of self exploration, personal beliefs and pushing the boundaries of your own mythology or spirituality.  The truth and power of the human spirit resides in the myth and there is much to learn.

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho takes you on an adventure of the inner spirit, awakening the desires and deceptions of the heart.  It’s simple story of a shepherd boy who dares to take a chance and follow his dreams.  His encounters and experiences along the way both encourage and confuse him leaving him between doubt and hope until at last he find the “gold” of his own inner strength and wisdom. The power of this delightful tale will inspire the heart and mind of those who seek their own Kuzala and passionate dreams.